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Overcoming my Quarter-Life Crisis

I did it, guys. On September 14th, 2019, I reached a quarter of a century! According to neuroscientists, more rental car companies, and the California DMV, my brain has reached full maturity. I guess this is as good as I’m ever gonna get, right?

Really though, while some of you might be rolling your eyes about the fact that I’m actually writing about a quarter-life crisis like it’s a real thing (spoiler alert; it is, and this blog is a direct product of that crisis – you’re welcome), I heard some scary stuff from people about this monumental time of life…


5 Skills You Need to Succeed in Your Career and Your Relationships

Do you ever feel like you’re incredibly talented in one area of your life, but have trouble succeeding in another? Are you great at making friends, creating and maintaining long-lasting relationships but are struggling to land that dream job?

Or maybe it’s the opposite: maybe you’ve always been successful in a more traditional sense where you’re able to ace that test and build a successful career…


4 Life Lessons I Learned From Running

It was the summer of 2008 that my mom made the first push for me to join the Norco high school cross country team as I got ready to start my freshman year. I was 13 years old, spending the summer like most kids do by the pool or binge-watching Spongebob while I snacked on wayyy to many otter pops…

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