Hey guys, welcome to this week’s Try A New Recipe Tuesday!

I hope everyone’s hanging in there! Everything has been so crazy in the world and it’s all been pretty out of whack.

And while it can be hard to keep looking at the positives while we’re all stuck inside , one way that I’ve been able to do so by spending more time trying new recipes!

When choosing my recipe this week, I had to think a little differently as all the fun ingredients usually so readily available to us now require reconsideration as the ease of grocery shopping has been so complicated with social distancing precautions. Thankfully, with this recipe from Our Salty Kitchen, I was able to rely on whatever ingredients I was still able to find at Winco while still being healthy!

I also love that everything is julienned into nice, thin slices so it’s easier to mix all the tangy flavors of the bell peppers into the rest of the meal.

And, the best part is the SAUCE! Not only is it so fun to find out how delicious sauce is mixed together, this one only requires basic ingredients that are usually already in your kitchen… like orange juice!

This was such an interesting surprise when I read this recipe and adds even more tanginess on an already juicy steak.

Mixed with a little sesame oil and coconut aminos (a healthy substitute for soy sauce, which can also be used if you’re like me and don’t know where the heck to find it at your local Winco), this sauce made it impossible for me to stop eating this stir fry!

What have you been cooking up while being stuck in quarantine?


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