Hey guys, you know what day it is! Happy Try a New Recipe Tuesday! 🙂

After a lazy and, admittedly, unhealthy weekend, I woke up yesterday ready to turn my quarantine life around.

I’ll start by saying that this pandemic has been devastating in more ways than one for the world and if there were ever a time to allow yourself to let healthy habits slip a little to do what you need to get through this time, that time is most certainly now.

Sometimes, it means drinking a little too much wine over the weekend and stuffing your face with popcorn while you rewatch the new Little Women movie for the 3rd time in a row (hint: when I say “you” here, I mean me lol).

Sometimes, it means driving to the beach only to leave with tears streaming down your face because the sight you thought would make yourself feel better about all of this actually just ended up torturing yourself with what this time could’ve been about.

But now, I’ve decided that this week, it’s time to start putting at least a little more effort into making myself feel better in the right way; by pushing myself to do the things I love, even if it takes some effort and reminding myself to love the process, however messy it might be.

But anyway, now that I’ve talked about my feelings for a bit, I’m so excited to talk about this week’s recipe I got to try since this dish has always had meaning in my life.

Fun fact: Did you know that sesame seeds are a good source of healthy fat?

Like many millennial kids, I grew up eating the oh-so-healthy delicacy that is Top Ramen to satisfy my need for too much salt. I ate this nutritious staple so much that my mom would throw out the ol’ “you are what you eat!” adage, in reference to the constant tangled mess of curls that was (and still is) my hair.

Flash forward to the current day, and to my delight as a now adult (I guess?), I’m given a seemingly infinite amount of choices for where I’d like to slurp up a delicious bowl of that familiar soup – except now, it’s given much more respect and authenticity than the $0.69 bags I used to cherish.

Recipe by Chelsea’s Messy Apron

But, seeing as. I can’t go out and enjoy the ambiance that encompasses a great ramen shop right now, I decided to try it on my own to enjoy at home! And boy, speaking of options, who knew there were so many ways to make ramen?!

While ramen in most restaurants are served with the juicy, fatty pieces of pork belly that we love with a rich, hearty rich (that I’ve learned to make even richer with a slice of butter – you’re welcome) which I find too good to resist, I’m so glad I found a recipe that satisfies my nostalgic cravings and at least tries to air on the healthier side!

This Skillet Beef and Broccoli recipe, by Chelsea’s Messy Apron, required a little more effort on my part than the other recipes I usually post on here, but the little extra work was so worth it!

As always, I love using unique ingredients I’ve never tried before (even though it forces me to discover new part of the grocery store and struggle a little bit to find what I need) such as red wine vinegar and oyster sauce. Mixing everything together with ginger, honey, and fresh veggies created that irresistible flavor that wins the hearts of so many ramen-lovers!

I hope you have a great rest of your week and that you enjoy this yummy find – I would love to hear any requests on new recipes you’d like me to try!

What have you been craving lately?


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