Happy Try A New Recipe/Taco Tuesday!!

It’s finally starting to feel like “fall” here, as fall as it ever gets in SoCal, and I am all about it. I finally jumped on the Trader Joe’s train to see what the hype is all about and have pretty much been head over heels after seeing all of their autumn decor and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING!

I’m gonna make myself sound like a big nerd, but fresh veggies honestly make me so excited and it genuinely makes me happy to pick up some healthy produce. And, when my best friend had us over for dinner the other night, which included her amazing sweet potatoes, I had to have more.

It also doesn’t hurt that sweet potatoes are one of the healthier carbs you can eat!

While this recipe doesn’t necessarily scream “fall”, it still felt like comfort food while still remaining healthy! Plus, it had lots of our favorite taco ingredients to add tons of flavor – and who doesn’t love a little sour cream?

Recipe by Wine and Glue

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the sweet potatoes quite right because the ones I bought were too small and I think this was the first time I tried making anything with them, so the consistency wasn’t exactly what I imagined.

But, other than that, it tasted like a delicious, over-flowing taco casserole! Hence, the feelings of warm coziness you feel that makes you think there might be a little pumpkin spice in there after all.


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